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FamousCEOs.com is a website dedicated to twelve entrepreneurs who have made a difference in their relevant industries, and radically changed the way companies presently do business. They forever changed the landscape with innovative methods of doing business, unique and keen senses of how things should be, and by daring to go against the grain. To them, thinking outside the box was a normal thought process, and then implementing those ideals was only common sense. Consequently, billionaires were made because of their astute observations.

Business Cards Of Entrepreneurs

Whether these men controlled the helm of existing corporations, instrumental in making a difference to the profitability of the companies, or they started their own companies, growing them to well-known conglomerates, each man had the same drive and tenacity that made him a famous CEO. Most were ambitious as children, and sought to break out of the mold in which they were raised. Some were geniuses as children and excelled at any early age. Others were not necessarily overly-smart, but were, nonetheless, ambitious and zealous in their pursuits. And, although all of them come from a variety of backgrounds, both rich and poor, they have similar traits that make them great entrepreneurs and leaders. People like Scott Reiman excel at what they do - and they do it with passion!

Famous CEOs can rise to stardom through controversial means, or by plain-old-good business acumen. We have chosen to focus our discussion on the latter. Anyone can become an instant hit by doing something underhanded. But, for the twelve men that we have chosen, they met the ultimate challenge. They decided to make something of themselves, and have left indelible marks in both the business world and the companies they led. They were inspirations and money makers. Business excellence is how they are remembered.

The most important reason for these men to be on the Famous CEOs list is because they changed history. They all have defining moments that made the business community and general public stand up and say "wow". Some now have their own schools, others possessed philosophies that are taught at schools around North America. Some believe that their wealth should be dispersed and better done so while they are alive to make a difference. And, even though many of these men are retired, they still contribute to society in a meaningful way.

What is most interesting is that despite the fact that all of these twelve men had the ability to complete a university education, not all of them did, preferring to drop out and jump right into their endeavors. Another commonality is that none of them stood up and said that they would be great some day. They never said their goals were to be rich and famous. They focused on the process that made them happy, or the development of something that they knew should be have validity. They formulated their ideals and pushed them forward to create tangible enterprises, and services or products of the future. And, as each man did so, he was not necessarily saying that he was awesome. He just knew there was a better way, and he had identified it.

In a world of constant negativity, we thoroughly enjoy bringing you our Top Twelve List of Famous CEOs. It is a positive and interesting look at the profiles of men who made a difference, and how they accomplished those defining moments.